Thursday, 15 June 2017

Episode 047: Paying off the Mortgage by Age 35 with Andy Hill

My Guest on the Show…

Andy Hill is making noise inside the personal finance world. He is the founder of the Marriage, Kids, and Money (MKM) Podcast and the MKM Blog. Recently, I was a guest on Andy’s show when he mentioned to me about paying off all of his debt, including the mortgage, by age 35.

Yes, completely debt free by age 35…holy crap!

I wanted him to come on the show to share how he and his family are making the sacrifices now to pay off everything so they can soon live completely free from debt. Also, Andy does not make a million dollars, he isn’t a trust fund baby, and he has a Monday – Friday job. From the outside looking in, Andy and his wife appear completely normal.

However, they are far from it. How many 35-year-olds do we meet who have paid off their mortgage?

Lastly, if Andy and his wife can turn their dream into a reality, then what is stopping you and I? Andy and I talk about that inside the show…

Now, I have a few questions for you all…

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Show Notes

A little about Andy [02:17]

Entrepreneurship – getting started [07:08]

$50,000 in debt [09:07]

Marriage and money [11:33]

Good debt vs bad debt? [12:56]

Paying off the mortgage at 35 [16:47]

30-year vs 15-year vs 10-year mortgage [22:55]

The Marriage, Kids, & Money Podcast [27:51]

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